Special procedures - Article 24

The Governing Body refers to an ad hoc tripartite committee or the CFA

The complainant organization is informed of the Governing Body decisions on receivability and referral.

If the Governing Body decides that the representation is not receivable, a letter informing the complainant organization of the decision will be sent by the Office.

If the Governing Body decides that the representation is receivable and establishes an ad hoc committee, the decision will be communicated to the complainant organization, which will also be informed of the members of the ad hoc committee and the fact that any additional information on the representation submitted by the organization will be transmitted to the government concerned which will be invited to reply. The complainant organization will be informed also if the representation has been referred to the CFA or if a decision on referral has been postponed subject to follow-up on previous comments by the CEACR.

Representations covering more than one instrument, including Conventions dealing with freedom of association and collective bargaining, are usually examined separately, with one component examined by an ad hoc committee and another referred to the CFA, for examination in accordance with the modalities set out for representations. The complainant organization will be informed accordingly.

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