Special procedures - Article 19

Follow-up of the representation through regular supervision

The CEACR normally follows up on recommendations made by the ad hoc tripartite committee, as adopted by the Governing Body.

Once the report of the ad hoc tripartite committee has been adopted by the Governing Body, usually at the end of its session, it is notified to the government concerned and the complainant organization, and the procedure is closed. The report is published in the Official Bulletin and on the ILO website, in the pages concerning the relevant session of the Governing Body.

In the context of the Standards Initiative, the Governing Body has recently asked for a regularly updated document on the effect given to the recommendations of the ad hoc committees in order to strengthen their follow-up.

The measures taken by governments pursuant to the recommendations of the ad hoc tripartite committee are examined through regular supervision. This provides the opportunity for the government to submit information on developments through reporting on the relevant ratified Conventions, the CEACR to monitor developments in light of recommendations, and the CAS to take the matter up as an individual case during a future session of the International Labour Conference. Click to know more about the regular supervisory machinery.