Regular Supervision - Article 19

The International Labour Conference discusses and adopts the CAS report

The Employers’ group pursues discussion of matters of interest in plenary.

The Vice-Chairperson of the CAS representing the Employers’ group provides highlights of the proceedings in the CAS from the perspective of the group. Comments may be made, among other things, on individual cases that were discussed in the CAS, as well as cases that the Employers’ group would have liked to have had included among the cases discussed in the CAS. Broader standards-related issues may also be the subject of the employers’ statements. Other Employers’ delegates speaking on their own behalf may intervene prior to the adoption of the CAS report. Statements are sometimes directed to the government of the Employers’ delegate speaking, they may also be directed to other governments, the Workers’ group, or the Office. Statements are often made with a view to the follow-up to be given to the supervisory work in the International Labour Conference, by the CEACR and through other supervisory mechanisms.

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