Regular Supervision - Article 19

The CEACR examines governments’ reports and other information

Employers’ organizations receive copies of CEACR comments made to governments.

In accordance with the established practice, in March, representative organizations of employers and workers receive comments addressed to their governments and to which governments will need to reply with reports on the application of ratified Conventions in the current year.

These organizations can:

  • consider whether there are any Conventions on the application of which they will want to make observations to the CEACR during the reporting cycle of the current year;
  • follow CEACR supervision of Conventions on which they have already provided observations; and
  • consider the consultation on questions arising out of reports that is required under the Tripartite Consultation (International Labour Standards) Convention, 1976 (No. 144), where it has been ratified.

A Handbook of procedures relating to international labour Conventions and Recommendations describing the procedures operating within the ILO in relation to the adoption and implementation of ILS, including the contribution of any employers’ and workers’ organizations to the reporting system, is available in the ILO website. Click to see a checklist tool helping social partners to take action.

Click to find a factsheet explaining the relevance of the procedure for business. For more information, see also on the ILO website the page with publications on ILS, where resources specifically developed for employers’ organizations can be found.