Regular Supervision - Article 19

The International Labour Conference discusses and adopts the CAS report

Governments discuss most important developments and give further information in plenary.

Government delegates to the International Labour Conference are free to intervene during discussion of the CAS report in the plenary session of the International Labour Conference. Their statements will be on behalf of their own government, and may as well be on behalf of other governments that have previously agreed to such an arrangement. Governments’ interventions often amplify or complement statements made or positions taken in the CAS, for example, on information provided in respect of an individual case. Interventions may address broader standards-related issues, such as reporting obligations or giving effect generally to particular Conventions.

The plenary offers governments a wider forum in which to express their views and attempt to influence listeners and readers. Since governments’ actions are the subject of most discussion in the CAS and the International Labour Conference plenary, great care is often taken in the preparation and presentation of statements made in plenary.

The standards-related work from the tripartite International Labour Conference meeting in June is passed on to the CEACR. Government are thus often interested in reviewing as soon as possible the CAS report and a record of the discussion in plenary, both of which are published on the ILO website in the Record of proceedings of the International Labour Conference. Click to see a checklist tool helping governments that have been called to provide information on an individual case on the application of a ratified Convention in the International Labour Conference.