Regular Supervision - Article 19

The CEACR report is issued

The CEACR prepares a report on member States meeting obligations under ratified Conventions and the ILO Constitution.

The CEACR prepares an annual report, which is in the first place submitted to the Governing Body at its March session for transmission to the International Labour Conference in June. The CEACR report is published in February, and is made available in hard copy and in the ILO website.

The CEACR report is traditionally submitted to the International Labour Conference as “Report III”, i.e. the third standing item to be included by the Governing Body in the International Labour Conference agenda each year. As such, the report consists of two volumes. The first volume (Report III (Part A)) is divided into two parts:

  • Part I: The General Report describes the progress of the work of the CEACR and specific matters relating to it that have been addressed, and the extent to which member States have fulfilled their constitutional obligations in relation to ILS;
  • Part II: Observations concerning particular countries on the fulfilment of obligations in respect of the submission of reports, the application of ratified Conventions grouped by subject matter, and the obligation to submit instruments to the competent national authorities.

The second volume contains a General Survey (Report III (Part B)) in which the CEACR examines the state of the legislation and practice regarding a given number of Conventions and Recommendations, selected annually by the Governing Body. This examination covers all member States regardless of whether or not they have ratified the given Conventions. General Surveys since 1985 are available in the ILO website.

The comments of the CEACR on the fulfilment by member States of their standards-related obligations that take the form of observations are published in the CEACR report which has, at the beginning, the indexes of comments by Convention and by country. The NORMLEX database includes both observations and direct requests by the CEACR.