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Special procedures - Complaints to the CFA

The complaint alleging violation of freedom of association and collective bargaining is lodged

A complaint to the CFA from workers’ organizations must be receivable.

The CFA has established criteria according to which a complaint can be deemed receivable. One of them relates to the complainant organization, in that allegations are receivable if they are submitted by:

  • a national organization representing workers directly interested in the matter;
  • international organizations of workers having consultative status with the ILO; or
  • other international organizations of workers where the allegations relate to matters directly affecting their affiliated organizations.

Click to see the full checklist for receivability of complaints.

Furthermore, it is important that the complaint:

  • describes the facts in detail;
  • is fully supported by evidence;
  • lists the relevant provisions of national legislation that would infringe the principles of freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, wherever possible; and
  • includes information on national tripartite mechanisms established in the framework of the technical assistance provided by the Office, where applicable.

Click to see a checklist on the content of the complaint.

The CFA has recently requested the Office to develop an electronic form for filling complaints, including a question to facilitate the complainant’s consideration of the possibility of voluntary conciliation.

For more information, see also on the ILO website the App specifically developed for workers’ organizations.

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