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Regular supervision – Article 19

With reports on new ILS, on unratified Conventions and on Recommendations

Member States give consideration to implementing ILS adopted by the International Labour Conference.

When the International Labour Conference newly adopts a Convention, a Recommendation or a Protocol.
When the Governing Body chooses Conventions and Recommendations on which reports are requested, with a view to preparing a General Survey.

Governments submit new instruments to their competent authorities

Member States have an obligation to consider measures for implementing ILS within 12 or, exceptionally, 18 months from their adoption by the International Labour Conference.

The Governing Body chooses instruments

The Governing Body calls on member States to consider measures they take to implement Conventions they have not ratified and Recommendations.

Governments prepare and send reports

Law and practice are summarized in a report based on the report form approved by the Governing Body, which is sent to the Office.