Regular Supervision - Article 19

Governments report on submission of new instruments

Information on submission must be reported between 12 and 18 months following the adoption of new ILS.

Within the limits set by article 19 of the ILO Constitution, governments send information on submission to the Office ( using the questionnaire provided for the purpose of obtaining information on the measures taken, which is available at the end of the Memorandum on submission. Governments are expected to send copies of the communication to the representative organizations of employers and workers, as prescribed by article 23, paragraph 2, of the ILO Constitution.

According to the established practice, when it receives information on submission of instruments to the competent authorities, the Office checks if the relevant information and documents have been supplied, including replies to any comments of the CEACR or observations of the CAS on submission. If not, it will ask the government concerned to send what is missing. The substance of the information provided is examined by the relevant supervisory bodies.