Regular Supervision - Article 19

Governments submit new instruments to their competent authorities

Workers’ organizations defend their interests.

Each member State has its own submission practice. Workers’ organizations will represent their members’ interests concerning the implementation of the newly adopted instruments.

Governments will consult with the representative organizations of employers and workers where the Tripartite Consultation (International Labour Standards) Convention, 1976 (No. 144), has been ratified. Each State party to the Convention undertakes to operate procedures which ensure effective consultations between representatives of the government, of employers and of workers with respect to standards-related activities. These consultations have to be undertaken at appropriate intervals fixed by agreement, and at least once a year. The representatives of employers and workers have to be freely chosen by the most representative organizations. Under Article 5, paragraph 1(b), of Convention No. 144, ratifying States have an obligation to hold effective consultations on the submission of ILS to the competent national authorities. These organizations should have at their disposal sufficiently in advance all the necessary elements in order to reach their opinions before governments finalize their decisions related to the implementation of the recently adopted ILS.

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