Regular Supervision - Article 19

Governments report on submission of new instruments

Governments’ reporting on submission is regularly supervised by the CEACR and the CAS.

Information on submission sent by governments is received by the CEACR, which supervises compliance by member States with this obligation. Information on governments’ submission of ILS to the competent authorities, their failure to submit and/or failure to report on submission is contained in the CEACR report which is available on the ILO website. Appendices IV, V and VI provide details on compliance with this Constitutional obligation. All  CEACR comments on submission can be found in NORMLEX.

The CAS takes up for discussion the most serious cases of failure to respect reporting and other standards-related obligations, including those on submission to the competent national authorities. Governments concerned are invited to provide information and to explain the delays in submission at a dedicated sitting. The CAS discussions and related conclusions are available on the ILO website.