Special procedures - Complaints to the CFA

With complaints to the CFA

The complaint alleging violation of freedom of association and collective bargaining is lodged

A complaint can be lodged by any ILO constituent – a government, employers’ or workers’ organizations – against a government, whether or not the country concerned has ratified the relevant Conventions.

On-the-spot missions are possible

Recourse to preliminary contacts, direct contacts or tripartite missions may be had.

It can take nine months or more for a case to be handled by the CFA. Steps can be taken in cases of urgency, whereby the CFA deals with the case on a priority basis, advancing the normal timeframe for the matter.

Serious and urgent cases

Complainants can ask that a case be treated urgently. This must be justified by information given in the complaint. Matters involving human life or personal freedom, or new or changing conditions affecting the freedom of action of a trade union movement as a whole, cases arising out of a continuing state of emergency and cases involving the dissolution of an organization, are treated as cases of urgency.

In serious and urgent cases, preliminary contacts may be established to collect preliminary information in respect of the allegations that have given rise to the complaints or to draw the attention of the authorities to ILO principles and procedures concerning freedom of association. See step “3. On-the-spot missions are possible”.

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