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Special procedures - Complaints to the CFA

The Governing Body approves the CFA report

The Governing Body receives and normally approves the CFA report with conclusions and recommendations, sending the matter on for follow-up as appropriate.

At each of its sessions, the Governing Body receives the CFA report for approval. The report contains findings and conclusions for several cases before the CFA, reflecting as well each case’s stage of handling – whether a complain had just been received, a government’s observations has been requested or received, the matter treated substantively, etc.

Where the relevant Conventions have been ratified, in the report the CFA may decide to bring the relevant legislative aspects of a case to the attention of the CEACR. In this way, the government involved will normally be asked to reply to comments made by the CEACR on the conformity of the legislation and its application in practice with the ratified Convention. The CEACR will thus follow up on the outstanding issues related to the Convention until the requested action has been taken and the issue of compliance has been resolved. Click to know more about the regular supervisory machinery.

Where the relevant Conventions have not been ratified, the CFA will follow up on its recommendations.

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