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Special procedures - Complaints to the CFA

The complaint alleging violation of freedom of association and collective bargaining is lodged

A complaint to the CFA is always brought against a government.

Complaints are brought against governments. They are received and treated by the CFA regardless of whether the member State concerned has ratified any of the Conventions dealing with freedom of association and collective bargaining. This is because member States are deemed bound to respect the fundamental principles of freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining contained in the ILO Constitution, including the Declaration of Philadelphia, by virtue of their membership in the Organization.

Governments are called to respond to allegations that legislation and/or practices have violated these principles. They are also called to answer to allegations over actions by employers or workers, or their organizations, that violate the above-mentioned principles, since governments are charged with promoting and assuring respect for them within their territory.

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