Regular Supervision - Article 19

Governments prepare and send reports

Law and practice are summarized in a report based on the report form approved by the Governing Body, which is sent to the Office.

The Governing Body approves a form to be used by governments for reporting on the instruments previously selected under article 19 of the ILO Constitution for the preparation of a General Survey. This is usually done at its March session. The request for governments’ reports is usually issued by the Office in September, and governments are requested to send their reports to the Office by 28 February the following year at the latest. The relevant report form is attached to the request. It also contains questions related to the impact of the instruments covered, the prospects of ratification and needs for technical assistance.

The report forms are available in the NORMLEX database, where it is also possible to see the lists of reports requested for General Surveys in the country profiles.

Copies of the requests for reports are sent to the representative organizations of employers and workers.