Special procedures - Article 19

The COI report is published and actions are required

Once the report of a COI is published, actions are required on it.

The report of a COI is communicated by the Office, which has acted as its secretariat, to the Governing Body, which takes note of it, and to the government concerned. Once published in the Official Bulletin, the report is made available in hard copy and on the ILO website.

The report contains the recommendations by the COI and the timeframe for their implementation.

As prescribed in article 29 of the ILO Constitution, within three months the government concerned informs the Director-General whether or not it accepts the recommendations contained in the report of the COI, and if not, whether it proposes to refer the complaint to the ICJ.

Implementation of recommendations by a COI is followed up through regular supervision by the CEACR and the CAS. Click to see the regular supervisory procedure.