Regular Supervision - Article 19

Governments prepare and send reports

Governments thoroughly consider policy, legislation and practice in the area involved.

Preparation of a report under article 19 of the ILO Constitution affords governments the opportunity to consider closely their policies, laws and practices in relation to the selected instruments. Governments will consult with the representative organizations of employers and workers as recommended in Paragraph 5(e) of the Tripartite Consultation (Activities of the International Labour Organisation) Recommendation, 1976 (No. 152). Where a country has ratified the Convention(s) selected for the preparation of a General Survey, it will only provide information on the extent to which effect has been given to the Recommendation(s) that have been selected. The relevant report form normally indicates that it is not necessary to repeat information already provided in reports under article 22 of the ILO Constitution in connection with the ratified Convention(s).

Governments are expected to send copies of the report to the representative organizations of employers and workers, as required by article 23, paragraph 2, of the ILO Constitution, as well as to the Office (, in good time to meet the established due date.

The CEACR monitors compliance by ILO member States with the obligation to report on unratified Conventions and on Recommendations in its annual report, which is available in the ILO website.

The CAS takes up for discussion the cases of serious failure to respect reporting obligations, including those under article 19 of the ILO Constitution. Its discussions and related conclusions are available in the CAS report on the ILO website.