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Category: The CFA examines the representation

The CFA examines the representation relating to a ratified Convention concerning freedom of association and collective bargaining.

The representation that relates to a ratified Convention dealing with freedom of association and collective bargaining is examined by the CFA in accordance with the procedure for the examination of representations once it has been referred by the Governing Body. The matter is treated by an ad hoc committee of three CFA members, with one member from each group.

Subject to the agreement of the complainant organization and of the government, the examination of the merits of the representation may be temporarily suspended, for a maximum period of six months, so as to allow for optional voluntary conciliation or other measures at the national level.

The ad hoc committee in the CFA examines the merits of the representation in separate meetings. The entire case file is made available to the members of the CFA ad hoc committee and they can meet as many times as considered necessary for the conclusion of their work. Where allegations of non-observance of other Conventions are raised in the same representation, avenues are explored for ensuring effective communication between the two committees where appropriate.

The report as finalized by the three members is presented as a separate report to the Governing Body for approval. It is considered along with all other article 24 reports at the end of the Governing Body session.